Some how upgraded 9.10 beta to 10.04LTS

I just noticed that I had upgraded 9.10 beta to 10.04 LTS. [Too many installs to keep track of for this dementia bird] I did get a message about something not being able to connect to a repository part during install and have been getting the same message occasionally during updates. Everything else seems to work fine except default Firefox and Thunderbird 3.0.4 were unable to connect to internet. TBird using gmail still cannot send or receive. Even Hotmail has the same prob. if I still have an account. Settings checked many times. I solved Firefox problem by disabling ivp6.
Just wondering if the Mozilla connection problem may be related to Beta being upgraded or something else. I saw other posts that had same or similar send receive problem but no definitive result from them. In fact I cannot find them any more.
CLueless I iz! Thinking of just backing up data and wiping drive and reinstalling clean. My first upgrade and they dropped and added so much stuff something had to get screwed up.
They gotta make this Linux stuff easier for me!!! %:)SW