Kompozer installation user failure

Forgive me everyone as I am new to Ubuntu coming from that other place and installing something that works properly. I know a bit about PCs but I just don't understand what I am doing now.
I want to install Kompozer onto Ubuntu 9.10. Somewhere in this forum are some very good links and instructions that explain how installation works and what has to be done. I have blundered my way through these and have now "hit the Wall".

This is what I have so far. At the top of the screen I click PLACES - HOME FOLDER. on the top left of the list is my name and on the right a list of items. Bottom Item a Kompozer tar.gz file. Double click this and its a folder,Double click this and its its several folders and some files. So I think I have it in the right place and it is seemingly unzipped into its component parts. Somewhere in the proceeding I got Kludgeinstaller as well. Now I am totally confused, baffled and bewildered and trying to keep calm. I think I am close but need a bit (shed load) of guidance here please. After all I did get Kino to almost work properly and that seems to cause a lot of issues.

Please help me be a Ubuntu Guru


Either use Synaptic Package Manager and do a search for: kompozer
Tick the box to install.

Or open a Terminal, connect to the Internet and input the command: sudo apt-get install komzpozer

Kompozer installation user failure


Did the second item, and something happend whilst I hid behind the chair. Then I did a full reboot and in a sub place of Applications it had appeared. It even seems to work. Now I have to read up on it so I can use it and update my web site.

Well pleased thank you. Alan

Don't reboot

"Then I did a full reboot "

That's Windows stuff!

Sometimes Linux need to reboot - but not very oftem...