Network conflicts

What are the various network managers that can be present on ubuntu? I think that I have more than one that is conflicting with the other.

The problem
I can set my eth0 card to have a fixed IP address with nm-connection-manager, yet when I use the applet NetworkManager to connect to eth0, it gets an address from DHCP, and doesn't use the fixed IP address that I gave it. I did have wicd installed at one point, but used synaptic to remove it with the "complete removal" setting. Any idea as to where this conflict is arising?

Network conflicts

A common problem exists where the install has initiated NDISWRAPPER for some wireless network cards but you have also installed a standard LINUX ethernet driver. This creates two areas of management one for wireless and one for ethernet. This is a common occurrence when a laptop has a Broadcom wireless card.

1. Do a lspci | grep bcm for the presence of a Broadcom card.

2. Check your installed software for your installed software for the presence of NDISWRAPPER.

3. To be "all linux" in your management, check for bc43cutter software.
4. Better yet, just and look up your model of computer. They usually have the setup all worked out.