Reversing from ubuntu 10.10 to 9.04

After upgrading from ubuntu 9.04 to 10.10, my pc has become very unstable.
1.constantly restarts. and time not appearing after login
3.changing themes.

Any help out there for me..or simply how to reverse back to my stable 9.04...tnx.

Backup and Re-install

You will have to backup and re-install from your 9.04 install CD. You need to remember that 9.04 expires in six months before you do this. Ubuntu 10.04 is good for 3 years of support. You might be better served to troublshoot your problems.


fresh install

considering that ubuntu 10.10 alpha 1 doesn't land until June 3rd, I'm guessing you meant 10.04. If you had difficulty upgrading, please backup your /home and do a fresh install. that should resolve your issues.