toshiba computer with ubuntu on it.

i got a toshiba.
with vista on it. D:

vista froze during an update and quit working so i but ubuntu on it.
karmic koala.

now ubuntu has quit working
it won't boot.
it brings me to a list of different modes and recovery modes i can use.
and when i try any of them, the get stuck and just dont load.
the regular ubuntu just goes blank after being stuck at the logo for over 30 seconds.

ANYWAY! i want to put vista back on because nothing i do with ubuntu seems to be working.
but my recovery discs arent doing anything!

is there any reason this could be happening?

i tried turning my computer on first, then putting the disc in.
and i tried turning the computer on with the disc already in.
i also tried telling ubuntu in recovery mode that there's a cd. but i dont know enough about computers to know how that would work..
my lap top gets really loud for a bit, so it's recognizing that there's a disc.
but nothing else happens.

any suggestions?

Toshiba Laptop

I was able to get Ubuntu Linux on my Toshiba Laptop but it certainly took work. I had to use the Windows 7 cd to do a recovery and allow the bootloader to work properly. I am an experienced Windows user but new to Ubuntu so I do not have very much advice other than to see if you can set the BIOS to read your cd/dvd drive first and use the Windows cd to fix the bootloader.

Hardware issue?

Unfortunately this sounds like it may be a hardware issue if both OS's are failing. Lets rule that out, then we can help you trouble shoot the reinstall of either OS. Run the Live Desktop CD, and when prompted select the option to try ubuntu. Once the OS has loaded, go to "System -> Administration -> Disk Utility"

Then Select your hard drive and check the SMART status. It should tell you if your drive is failing, after running the short test. If that passes, reboot with the CD in the drive, and select the option at the bottom (of the first screen that comes up, when you select your language) "Test Memeory". Let that run for 20 to 30 minutes, if there is any red entries when done, it means your memory is failing.