Ubuntu Server GUI

Hi Everybody,
Recently I had a problem with my MS Exchange server, and I'm tired of windows crashing every two days so I installed Ubuntu Server ver. 10.04. But I'm new for Linux so I wanted to install The GUI part But every time I tried it has an error message of 'E: Package could not found.' I even tried all the commands that are avelabel on the net like " sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" AND EVEN I TRIED sudo apt-cdrom add, but still the error appears.

any body has an idea what is the problem?

Thanks in Advance for the Help.

This is a common

This is a common misconception with Ubuntu and linux in general. The only real difference between the server edition and desktop edition in the GUI in itself. So if you insist that you need a GUI then use desktop. However, I honestly think this will not help you as most server functions need to be setup using command line anyways. Your best bet is to deal with the lack of GUI and learn command line. I am willing to bet there is a tutorial or how-to for any server you may need to build somewhere on the web.

You can install the desktop...

You just need to make sure that the sources are uncommented in /etc/apt/sources.list

You will want to run this command to edit that file:

sudo nano -w /etc/apt/sources.list

then you will want to uncomment (remove the # at the beginning of the line) the sources for Universe and Multiverse. Then press "Ctrl + W" to write the changes to the file, and then "sudo apt-get update" and "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop"

Difference between Server and Desktop

Actually, the real difference between server and desktop versions (in Ubuntu) is that the desktop installer is designed for Windows users (or is it Mac users) and knows what is best for you. It has a pre-defined list of which packages it will install, and therefore you do not get to install all of the normal server packages, like SSH server, Samba Server, system accounting, kerberos, cracklib, etc,etc,etc. It also doesn't let you configure the network during the install.

It also appears that the desktop CD is missing most of the server packages, so you statement that they are the same is false.

My server requires a good portion of the desktop because the application that runs on it uses x-windows to display on the (Windows) workstations.