Wireless adaptor drivers?

I was going to post this in with my other question about the flash drive, but I figured it'd be easier on all if it were its own question. I have a dell dimension (gag) which I have connected to the internet by way of a linksys wireless G adapter. Problem being, I can't find my CD. my question is, will the drivers I have downloaded that run on my XP drive also work for my Ubuntu drive, or am I gonna have to find new ones?

re: Wireless Adaptor Drivers?

I had a lot of trouble with the linksys wireless G adaptor. While it worked fine in Windows on my old Toshiba, it simply didn't work well under Ubuntu (9.04). I picked up an inexpensive D-Link, though, and it worked perfectly "out of the box".

I know this isn't the answer you wanted. Perhaps someone will chime in with a way to make it work.