ubuntu will not allow file sharing and printer sharing via windows router to windows 7 laptop

First off I can see my windows network through the ubuntu pc but I cannot see the shared files on the w/7 laptop on my Network.

How do i set up the ubuntu machine to share folders? I get the shared folders option to become active but still get the "cant mount" message box.

Also I have a Konica Minolta 1400W printer connected to the ubuntu box but I cant access it on my network again with the W/7 laptop.

I have read many threads but just throws code out there that I copy and paste in the terminal window, but still no shared folders or printing sharing via Linksys router (windows install) to my W/7 laptop...

Please guide me in the right direction, this is my first experience with Linux and I really like the OS but these problems are so annoying.

Thanks in advance