Ubuntu DNS Bug? Unable to query two name servers

I found one strange issue with ubuntu, can anyone suggest if its a bug or as designed?
If I have two nameservers in my resolv.conf, ubuntu only checks the first (and receives a ‘not found’ reply from there) and never goes to the next two nameservers. This behavior is very different from windows or other linux systems. When I switched the order of these nameservers the dns name I was having issues with worked and got resolved , but when that nameserver is not the first when it fails.

Has anyone faced any similar issues?

That is not how resolvers

That is not how resolvers work. If a 'nack' is received from the name server then the query is finished. The reason for alternate name servers is in case your primary name server goes down, then alternate name servers will be queried after the initial request to the primary server has timed out.