top and the bottom panels gone

So I booted my computer up this morning, logged in, and found that both the top and the bottom panels were gone. My desktop background is still there, but the panels aren't. When I do open a window and minimize it, it goes to nowhere. I have read a number of people with similar problems, but the solution is always "right click on the panel and add the window list." My problem is that I don't have a panel to right click on.I have Ubuntu 10.04(gnome desktop).
Any idea what happened or how to fix it?

Hope this will help you...

press CTRL + ALT + F1, login to your account, and run this command:

rm -rf .gnome .gnome2 .gconf .gconfd .metacity

Return to your GUI desktop by pressing CTRL + ALT + F7

Now you should be back to normal.

hope this helps... UBUNTU rocks

Works but...

Thanks so much, it worked but the panels are gone again when I boot up.
When I boot my computer up the following error messages appear:

Error: No Suitable Mode Found
Error: Unknown Command:"Terminal".

Any idea on what is the problem and how to fix it?
Thanks again.

the top and the bottom panels gone-SOLVED!

Thanks to Stinger30au on Ubuntu Forums for the answer for solving my problem:

In the terminal
2. gconftool-2 — – shutdown (no space between the dashes and no space between the dash and the word ‘shutdown’)
3. rm -rf ~/.gconf/apps/panel
4. pkill gnome-panel – That’s it!

the first time i did it and restarted i again had no panels for top/bottom

i had to save the session

do this by system

and click in the box

remember currently running applications

then shutdown and restart

Another solution!

Nice you could make it work.
Anyway there's another solution I found last week. It enables you not only to restore the panels but even save them with all your tweaks in case you accidentally spoil them.
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