How to use Ubuntu 9.10...?

Hi everybody, I'm new to ubuntu 9.10 Linux version.

I've never used a Linux version OS before. I only know about windows. Can anyone help me???
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Thanks for your help...

Use 10.04

I recommend you use ubuntu 10.04 as it is an LTS release, LTS stands for long term support which gets released every 2 years and is normally much more stable than a normal release like 9.10, if you dont know how to use ubuntu then its fairly simple to get used to it

Instead of a start menu, things are organised into categories Applications (and then there is a category for each type of application under it e.g. internet), Places (where you can simply access your files) and system (where you change settings like background, etc)

To install an application then use the ubuntu software centre which is under applications or synaptic package manager (for the advanced user) which is under system then administration

To get support for things like music, flash, etc then install the ubuntu restricted extras which will be in the software center

To check for updates for existing applications then go to system then administration then update manager

This is just the basics on the interface and how to do simple tasks, to get more help I recommend you download the free official ubuntu manual here

Basic Toolkit

1) Download the Linux Starter Pack -
2) Look at the UNOFFICIAL Ubuntu Guide -
3) Look at the UNOFFICIAL Kubuntu Guide -
4) Look at Psychocats -
5) Download the Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference -
6) Download Ubuntu 10.4 Manual -

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