I'm Having a Major Problem booting Ubuntu

For the last couple of days, I've been attempting to install Ubuntu 10.04 on my computer from CD. I'm switching over from Windows XP, because Ubuntu seems to take care of everything I need to do on a PC. I burned the .iso image (burned the contents... I didn't burn the actual .iso file) to a 700MB CD, and the burning process finished. The PC reads the burned CD as Ubuntu Linux, and when I boot the CD from Windows, it gives me the options to try it, and reboot my computer to install, et cetera.

However, when I boot my computer up with the Ubuntu disc in the drive, nothing happens. It boots the computer up, boots Windows XP up, and when the Windows XP loading screen is finished, nothing happens. Black screen. I can't do anything, and I have to manually power down my computer using the power button. Ubuntu hasn't installed yet, and I'm already having problems. If I take the CD out (while the PC is booting, before XP loads), it boots XP up perfectly. I've rearranged the boot order in BIOS to boot from CD first, I've Googled this problem many a time, but no answers. The only similar problem I've seen is that AFTER installation, people get a black screen. I haven't even seen the install screen.

My specs:

736MB RAM (that's what dxdiag tells me, anyways)
P4 1.6GHz Processor
NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 256MB

Any help with this at all would be fantastic! Thanks in advance!

Look at...

Have a look at "Ubuntu 10.04 “Lucid” Blank Screen at Startup : Workaround" -

It suggests that with NVidia you need to add: nomodeset
to the Boot Menu

That link isn't terribly

That link isn't terribly helpful. I can't even see the install screen. It boots XP, and then goes to a black screen with nothing on it. Not even a cursor. I can't do anything

booting problems

give it some serious time. While you have three times the minimum, even w/ 3GB , mine takes about 3 minutes for the cd to load the OS into the RAM before offering the option of trying or installing.

Press F12 at boot screen

When booting, at the boot screen press the F12 button and it should pull up the boot menu.

I've left the blank screen on

I've left the blank screen on overnight, and nothing. That's eight hours. And I have tried booting the CD from the boot menu. It does boot from CD. But it just leaves it at a black screen, no cursor, or anything. I have no idea what to do. Ubuntu boasts it's "fast and easy installation" and how simple it is to get working, but so far, I'm not seeing this at all. I would LOVE to be able to use Ubuntu, but I can't even access the install screen.

You have to burn the CD as

You have to burn the CD as the ISO. Burning the files by themselves will not create the necessary boot flags to boot to the Ubuntu disk. If you can get your computer up without the Ubuntu disk in the drive, I recommend using CDBurnerXP, and choosing the Burn Image option. Once you re-burn the CD as an image, try the install again.

I did exactly this. I burned

I did exactly this. I burned the image onto a CD using Astroburn Pro. It tells me that it recognizes the Linux disc, and that Linux is on it. When I open My Computer, in my D: drive, it says that it is the Linux install disc. It boots from CD, and it recognizes the CD. The problem is that it doesn't work. I don't see the install screen or anything. When the Ubuntu disc is in the drive, my computer won't boot. It loads XP, and then goes to a black screen. When I take it out, XP boots normally and works again.

Do you have another bootable CD (perhaps an XP install disk?)

Try to boot from a known good CD to ensure your BIOS is set correctly. If you discount the possibility that your hardware is not supported (which is highly unlikely) then the issue must exist either with the CD or the download.

I know that the BIOS is set

I know that the BIOS is set correctly. It does boot from the Ubuntu disc, and it is aware that the Ubuntu disc is, in fact, the Ubuntu disc. The problem is that after it boots from the disc, nothing happens. It's just a black screen, and as soon as I take out the CD, it boots into Windows XP. It looks like it could be a problem with my video driver... if it is, what can I do to fix it?

Okay, I've now tried an older

Okay, I've now tried an older version of Ubuntu (9.10), and it's a slightly different problem. I used CDBurnerXP (as someone recommended) and burned the image of the 9.10 iso file onto a brand new CD, it burned successfully, and I restarted the computer. Now, it doesn't leave a black screen, it just boots normally into XP. When I try to boot from disc, it doesn't recognize that it can boot from the disc, and then just normally boots into XP.

I'm really confused here, and so far, am completely disappointed at Ubuntu. This is ridiculous.


"It looks like it could be a problem with my video driver... if it is, what can I do to fix it?"

My post at the top was about fixing video problems.

On burning an ISO have a look at "BurningIsoHowto" - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto

That link is about video

That link is about video driver troubles AFTER install. I haven't even seen the install screen, yet.

Boot Screen?

Have you seen the Boot Screen, not the Install Screen?

If not check out how to burn an ISO...

I have burned the CD

I have burned the CD correctly... it's a problem with Ubuntu, not me. I now have 3 copies of Ubuntu, and none of them work. It's not a problem with me, it's a problem with Ubuntu.

I just tried to install using

I just tried to install using Wubi, and it did the exact same thing. Except this time, it actually created the partition-thing that I needed to boot Ubuntu into installation. I entered the Ubuntu partition-thing, and when that loaded, it was a perpetual black screen. I'm starting to think I should give up on Ubuntu... this is saddening.

software update in terminal command

hi friend i am update ubuntu in terminal mode so please give command

CD problem

It sounds to me like the problem is the way you are making the Live CD because it sounds like the disk isn't being recognised as being a disk to boot from. As a suggestion, try using a spare CD-RW disk to avoid unnecessary wastage. Make sure you write at a slow speed and are using the Infra Recorder or ISO Recorder program as specified on the Ubuntu website:


If you go to Youtube you will also find videos on how to make the Live CD, e.g.


software update using terminal

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Tried everything but still blank

Hey guys i have a similar problem I am running XP. I have downloaded Ubuntu( latest ver.) burned the image to the cd using infra recorder and i burned it at a slow seep to make sure its a good copy.(im trying to have both OS available) I run the CD while in windows it boots good installs fine ejects the disc and asked me to reboot to finish installation, once I restart the comp. it gives me the option of OS and I choose Ubuntu. After i select Ubuntu it counts down from 3 before it tries to proceed and at this point i get a blinking (_) and after about 2 sec the screen goes black and noting happens.(ive waited for over 2 hrs to see if anything would change)