Webcamera with no picture (worked before)

I am new user in Ubuntu Community. I have a problem with my webcamera. I am using Ubuntu 10.4 and Skype (Beta) version Well, in Videodevices, there is USB20 Camera (/dev/video0) and a black rectangle with TEST button. If I press it, I can't see any picture...

Sorry for bad English.

Same here.

The same happens to me.

Install and use the application called Cheese to see the image.

If you have a Gmail account try the NEW Google Talk video and voice chat for Linux. You need to install a plugin from here:

Don't say sorry for you English. It is good. It's better than my Finnish!

webcamera problem

SKYPE video to work

System > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts > Add
Name: skype

Command: env LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib32/libv4l/ skype
click Apply
scroll down to Custom Shortcuts
enter shortcut combination required.

Open skype by pressing shortcut combination

Test video now!

Thank You

Well, it works like a charm. Most difficult one was to find exact place to put this Command excplained by You, because of my locale (Estonia). But one question more, may I ask? Is it possible to start-up with system Skype with your Command Script. Also I have a difficulties to start-up Skype-Call-Recorder with system. There is no such kind of name in /usr/bin.

I am using manual start for that.