Ubuntu Software Center and GetDeb don't work in 10.04

I can't download apps from the Software Center and GetDeb in Lucid Lynx. I can download them through Synaptic and Terminal. I would appreciate any suggestions.

i think i can help, worth a try right

goto the Ubuntu Software Center and then go Edit>Software Soucers>Ubuntu sources then uncheck software restircted by copy right

thats what i did to fix my software center it might work for you

Software Center and GetDeb don't work in 10.04.

Thanks Fritzelin,but didn't work. I think this inability to download the APPS in Software Center and GetDeb may be some small something or other I did, some conflict. It has been here about a week. I tried uninstalling Firefox 3.6.9, tried the about:config, but was hesitant to add the network protocols suggested by U. community regarding Apturl, tried Google Chrome and have asked GetDeb for help. If GetDeb can't help, I'll wait until the update in October, or else crash 10.04 myself and re-install.

I appreciate your suggestion, and it will probably turn out to be something just as trivial---a mischecked block somewhere. Again, fritzelin, vielen Dank fuer den Vorschlag, obgleich es night geklappt hat.


Bitte sehn!, I actually just

Bitte sehn!, I actually just had the software center problem this morning when i saw your post. you know worth a shot right eh.

Software Center and GetDeb don't work on my computer

Thanks, Fritzelin. I did yesterday exactly as you advised, step by step. To my disappointment, it didn't work. Last night I went through all my Medibuntu apps to check them, because sometimes a conflict can develop with Firefox. And that is what apparently has happened, because I have a laptop with the same apps installed, I thought, and my laptop works just fine. Whatever the bug is, I'll find it eventually.

I do thank you for your suggestion, and I will again follow your instructions to a T later on today when I get back from a meeting, and I will again let you know how it turns out.

Again, thanks.


Software Center and GetDeb don't work in 10.04

I reinstalled Ubuntu under a different user name and password. Whether that was an answer or not to the problem with GetDeb's not working, I don't know, but GetDeb now works. Then SoftWare Center worked well, but something happened, like a bad application, I found out too late and SoftWare Center stopped. Don't know whether this was the actual cause or not. BUT thanks to ChampionMD and Stewy, I followed their suggestions: (1) update first, and then (2) I typed in the terminal Soft-Ware Center and the terminal seemed to straighten things out. Again,thanks to ChampionMD and Stewy.