New to Ubuntu

Anyone know a good site or anyone on here that can explain what the commands are and what they do in ubuntu?

Thanks for the help.


G'day, Exactly which commands are you after? I am going by the assumption you mean Terminal Commands of course. has a good list of the most common shell commands, and is a good starting point.

Basic Toolkit

1) Download the Linux Starter Pack -
2) Look at the UNOFFICIAL Ubuntu Guide -
3) Look at the UNOFFICIAL Kubuntu Guide -
4) Look at Psychocats -
5) Download the Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference -
6) Download Ubuntu 10.4 Manual -

Any to all terminal commands.

Any to all terminal commands. Thanks a bunch. I'll check it out.

Nice. Plenty of links. Thank

Nice. Plenty of links. Thank you.

Terminal usage

I'm guessing that you are referring to commands in the terminal. Start with this documentation on the Ubuntu site.