Its all gone HORRIBLY wrong 9.10 wont boot

OH NO! my pc was doing an update and requested a restart and it has now gone badly wrong and I fear its all lost. Please can some one with knowledge help me?

On booting up the pc will run a black screen with white writing on. the last few lines say this:-

fsck from util-linux-ng 2.16
[ 4.87452] adding 1389580k swap on / dev/sda5.
priority:-1 extents:1 across: 1389508k
/dev/sdal:clean, 193026/49323392 files, 6734687/19661544
blocks (check after next mount)

and there it stops.

The pc only runs Ubuntu 9.10 there isnt any other system on it. is it all dead and gone? if so is there any way I can retrieve files that were on the hard drive? ( the purpose of switching on tonight was ultimately to do a back up of the hard drive!!!)

Thanks for any help.

Don't panic

Do you have an Ubuntu CD ?
Use the ubuntu CD to browse your files and copy this by network to a safe place.

You also can search for more information in:

good luck!