Sound Card Not Detected?

I have my computer dual booted with windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.04. At first, Ubuntu didn't seem to want to use my sound card but I later noticed that it did work with headphones. I later found out that updating my ALSA driver would fix this problem. However, the next day, all of my sound wouldn't work at all. The driver isn't even showing up in the Sounds settings or the GNOME ALSA Mixer. Could someone help me fix this? I have a Compaq Presario CQ62-210US and it has a Realtek HD Audio card (forgot which model number since I no longer can see it on my computer).


Ok, well, first things first,

Ok, well, first things first, can you still see the card in Windows? If so, grab your model number from there. If not, Perhaps it is a Hardware Issue. Check this first, before anything else.

Yes, I forgot to mention

Yes, I forgot to mention that. I tried it in windows and it works fine.

Can anyone help?

Can anyone help?

Never mind, I finally figured

Never mind, I finally figured it out. I always tend to seem stumped about something and then I figure it out on my own anyways. I ended up just updating the ALSA again and it is working fine once again. If anyone else is looking at this question because they are having a problem with their sound, just go to the site below and follow the steps to update your ALSA. This tends to be the problem to any sound problem in Linux.