problem after upgrading to 10.04

I've just upgraded to Ubuntu 10.04 and there seems to be a problem with "Flashplugin-nonfree". I'm being told to "re-install" it before removing but nothing seems to work & just going round in circles, I tried using the "Broken" filter - Firefox runs but does not appear to be connecting to the net where other programs are. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Stew


Try loading Flash via:

1) Sourcing (Go to "Repository How To on site) Run two suggested scripts in terminal
2) Loading "Ubuntu Restricted Extras" with Synaptic Package Manager
3) While your at it also load Gstreamer-plugins "bad" and "ugly"

Upon completion, proper flash version will be installed


Can you confirm for me which two scripts

Hi Pablo

Can you confirm for me which two scripts I should run from as there appear to be a few on that page, am I installing the Repository?. Sorry you will need to be very specific with your instructions as I'm not familiar with linux.

Cheers Stew