Scribus text box doesnt work

Using Ubuntu 10.04.1 with Scribus (stable) loaded from the Software Centre I have a problem. the text box doesn't work. I create a text box, click on the "Edit Contents of Frame" icon and get a cursor in the text box but all I can type in are figures. In just doesn't type letters. Obviously this is not a lot of use for a publisher programme. Is this a known bug and can it be fixed? if not anyone recommend a publishing programme that works in Ubuntu?

Scribus Text Box - Font problem

This is probably too late to help you, but in case someone else gets snagged on this... I struggled with this for several hours until I discovered the default font I was given was the culprit (I'm setup very similar to what you described). I could not type any characters but found I could copy and paste in from gedit. However when I would go to print preview, I was left with a bunch of red text bars. Changing font to Courier did the trick for me.