GamingOnLinux for an article?

Hi i am the owner of the website, have been working on the website for a long time now.

Just wandering if you wouldn't mind doing an article on it.


Hi there! No problem, just

Hi there!

No problem, just write it yourself in your blog on You can reach it in your user menu on the left by clicking "create content" and then "blog entry".



Ubuntu is the single most stable and beautiful Linux version since computers were invented. So why have they _ignored_ the gaming community? Windows is a horrible, unstable, complex system whose only positive attribute is that it is resilient - "reboot" is the main fix.

But they jumped on the largest market - gaming - and have been a horrible system all this time. So when is the Linux community... (I tried RH and Man but Ubu wins hands down) going to _get on board_??

The tech-world will be a better place if Windows disappeared and Ubuntu took it over.

To liamdawe - I bookmarked ur page. It is an answer to a prayer! :)

my faith: