User inteface Ubuntu 10.10

Recently I thought I'd have a go at trying Unity desktop.
I went to Synaptic and checked everything that looked pertinent to do the job and installed the files. Next boot I had a Unity desktop but without function.

Mouse pointer as an arrow moved but clicking on or dragging the buttons and icons of the panels did not do anything. I found nothing searching high or low about this except maybe I should have enabled 3d before the install. Any ideas what might make it work and or what is the easiest way to revet to Gnome? Thanx=D SW

user interface ubuntu 10.10

Well, I guess that was it. after I remembered or discovered to select "ubuntu desktop" from below lower panel to boot to after un pw. I enabled 3D and away we went. I'd have to say tho that a little slow is a gross understatement. this thing crawls and gives new meaning to attention span. I'm only pushing 1.5GHZ. I could learn to like it with a few tweaks here and there and if it was faster than anything else. After all wasn't that why it was conceived to use fewer resources and be faster?