Ubuntu wont load installation.

Okay I put in the cd, the first time it loaded installation but took forever to do anything. Finally (when i got back from school) It was loaded and it went to the desktop I saw to icons, Examples and Install. I clicked install and it gave me an error (Not immediately it took 5 minutes to give me the error). Now when i put the cd back in it automatically loads up the desktop and doesnt give me installation options... BUT Now when its acting like its loading up the desktop for the first time to install it just goes to a black screen, Haven't waited another 6 hours for that too load up yet but i dont think its gna work. Anyone got anything? My computers pretty old might not be able to handle the graphical interface. But i got it to work before, Same computer almost worked perfectly.

Cant do anything with the computer without installing ubuntu thinking about going back to windows 2000 :/ I just need it for a server! (Server edition doesn't work)
Tried everything... Running out of idea's. (I've got the live cd's for both desktop and server edition and i don't have any blank cds at this moment).

How much RAM?

How much RAM has the computer got?

Honestly i couldnt tell you,

Honestly i couldnt tell you, I have no idea and no way too check.