Problem in reinstalling the Ubuntu


I installed ubuntu on my system on D: drive, and had not setted the root password. Then i had logically deleted the D: drive from windows and formatted it. After that i tried to install the Ubuntu again on D; drive, it asks for login which i give previous userlgin id and password, but ut fails.

Now i had reformatted the whole system, but still when i try to install the ubuntu it stops at Login. what to do...


What you write does not make

What you write does not make sense. If it is not installed then it won't ask for a password.

I suspect that you have Ubuntu installed somewhere else such as another usb device and are not really booting the installation medium, but you don't give much information.

Linux does not use D: drives. The drive would be designated sdb or something similar.

You don't say what install medium you are using. Is it a CD or usb key?

Installing Ubuntu is simple. You burn the iso to CD and put it in the drive and re-boot, using the CD to boot from and not your hard drive. Make sure that your BIOS is set up to boot to the CD first (or usb if that is your choice of medium).


Good luck!

Re- Problem in Reinstallation of Ubuntu. Asking for login

Thanks for reply.

I tried to installed it from the CD through booting option to boot via CD. But unfortunately the problem still as it was.

The D: drive i mentioned here is the partition on the windows which i removed and formatted from windows, on which i had installed ubuntu the first time.