HI this is sakthi. I am new to ubuntu and this forum.
Hope to get some best of support in improving my linux interests


i am begineer on ubuntu

please tell me how can i access my hard disk in ubuntu... i have 80 gb hard disk i am running short of memory while downloading any thing from plz help me......

I am beginner on ubuntu: clarification

Details to understand what you need/want to happen...are important to get responses.
If you are wanting more swap file space for virtual memory, the best time to address this is during installation. I think Ubuntu has a minimum recommended physical memory size of 384mb.
Hard drive swap can be set to a different sizes during installation that will augment the physical memory. I think default size is equal to physical ram on my 1gb ram machine. Recommended for lower mb of ram use to be 1.5 - 2x the actual ram size.
I'm not proficient enough to tell you how to change swap any other way if it can be. The following has risks and takes time but my be educational::
If you have time and do not mind backing up and restoring your data or do not have any data to lose you might try using gparted from a live cd and in the desktop gui [ought to be system administration gparted (may need to install it first using synaptic)] to see if swap space size may be changed. I'm not sure if it can be nor do I know if it will ruin your current installation. I vaguely remember trying it once or twice without success... That's why back ups are made in advance in case of a failed efforts.
Hope I got that right I've got memory problems from time to time, Dew check with other sources. There is a lot to learn with Linux but can be rewarding in many ways. Might as well get some practice with installs and see how many different ways things can work and what settings can be enabled during installs. Do Google searches for help too.

How to use hard disk

Yes, you can access your whole hard disk in Ubuntu Linux. See upper panel --> Places --> then you can see there 80 GB Filesystem just click on it and you can see there your data.


In places go to home folder then in left side you can see all your partitions.

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