How to install avast anti virus software in ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick)

First you have to download avast anti virus software from avast website
now you will see avast web page called avast Linux home edition
you will see a Note: the program will not work with out a valid license key. To get your key places use the registration form.
You have to click on registration form now you will see a new page called “Register for your free avast 1 year license” in the you have to give full details information to register for free license you will get key to your mail.
Now you have go to avast Linux Edition (DEB Package)
now you will see opening avast 4 workstation_1.3.0-2_i386.deb box
you have to select
(.) open with “Ubuntu software Center (Default)”
press {OK} button
after downloading is over. You will see a box called Ubuntu software Center in that you see Right side a small box called Install
just press that Install Button
after you press Install button it will ask your system password give your password and press enter
it will installed
now close your Ubuntu software Center
now got Applications --> Accessories --> avast anti virus
just press in avast anti virus. You will see a box in that box you have to give avast key already they send to your mail
after giving key and press enter you will get a box called avast anti virus
now you go to update database and click. It will downloading updates.
After update is over you can Scan your system in three ways
1. home directory 2. Entire 3. Selected folder
and you have to choose type of Scan
1.Quick 2. standard 3. Thorough
That all enjoy now
Allu John Sudhakar
System/Network Administrator
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What is the point?

Why install an antivirus program on Linux?

For Security

There have been a couple of viruses for Linux, but they’re no longer “in the wild” (that is, they are no longer infecting PCs). This is because the security holes they exploited were quickly patched, causing the viruses to die out. This happened because the majority of Linux users update their systems regularly, so any security holes that viruses might exploit are patched promptly. Compare that to Windows, where most users
aren’t even aware they can update their systems, even when Microsoft gets around to issuing a patch (which has been known to take months). So it is way to provide better security.

Your Detailed Instructions

Thank you for posting such clear instructions for installing anti-virus software in Ubuntu.

I'm a relative newcomer to the Ubuntu community, but have always been able to find answers to my Ubuntu questions in the Ubuntu user forums and on blogs like yours.

Again, thank you for your post.