install as only OS

I'm installing 10.10 as the only OS on an older P4 computer. Just 1 gig or RAM and a 40 gig HD. I'm installing from a CD iso file. It has gotten as far as asking for my name and a user name and password, it seems to load most of the files and the progress bar is nearing the end, but just stops. I've no idea what to do. It's my first experience with Ubuntu.

Which disk?

Are you using the Desktop disk or the Alternate disk?

The Desktop disk is a LiveCD and needs 350+ Mb to install. The Alternate disk is just an intall disk which needs only 64 Mb to work.

If you are using the Desktop disk try the Altenate disk instead


I've gotten around a similar problem on some old laptops I maintain. Workaround was boot from install CD and say try not install then when desktop shows click install icon on desktop to install. Worked for me.