xserver settings changed through command line

I was trying to get my new Panasonic 50” plasma to work as a monitor for an Ubuntu 10.10 installation.
My Gforce 6200 256mb has both VGA and DVI ports out back.
I had the VGA connected to an LCD and the DVI connected via DVI to HDMI cable to the Plasma.

I tried changing setting in NVidia Xserver settings in System menu to use the DVI port. The machine froze after changing the settings and had to shut off with power button. Now it will not boot to Ubuntu desktop. I get a command prompt that will not give me a gui when typing startx. I tried fsck and drive SDA1 is clean never corrupted. I believe that settings were changed so that LCD is not being found. I'm a tad confused about what happened and what I need to do to get the installation to boot and use gui on LCD. I think I also need help finding a driver for the TC50PX24 and getting settings correct so I may use both monitors. I probably need step by step pointers for being able to edit files via command line so that lcd on vga port works and then help with getting driver and setup on the Panasonic. Thanx SW