Wireless switched off and can't be switched on

For the second time in a year I have upgraded to a new Ubuntu and lost internet access! And we expect people to drop Windows and flock to Linux??!! I don't think so.

Last time it was my wireless dongle which didn't work.
This time 10:10 it has switched off my wireless and won't let me switch it on again and when I connect by wire it won't connect to the internet!!!

So I have no chance of getting it fixed!!

I find myself wanting to move to Linux completely but I am thwarted at every upgrade!!

Come on guys surely we can keep the things which were working working when there is an upgrade otherwise it's not an upgrade - just another embarrassment.

I'm so glad the people whom I have encouraged to try Linux have not done so - or they would have been put off forever.

Sent from my Windows 7 desktop which seems to work impeccably. Which is even more annoying.