Ubuntu 10.10 Wireless switched off - can't be switched on and wired - can't access internet

Since installing 10.10 on my Acer Aspire 6530G I can't access the internet when connected with a wired connection and my wireless connection is disabled and can't be enabled.

Can anyone help.

Wireless problem with new Ubuntu

If you have access to a full Live CD you could try to reinstall the network manager from the CD. Use synaptic to first completely remove the network manager and then point synaptic to the CD and load the "repository", find the network manager entry and mark it to install it from the CD. Hope this helps.

What if...

Let's assume I don't have a full live CD as I inherited my Dell Inspiron 1545 from a friend... I updated to Ubuntu 9.10 and now my wireless is inoperable... Went through the troubleshooting guide and opened a terminal to run

sudo lshw - C network

to find that my wireless device was unclaimed

I was instructed to find my windows .inf file for this device but I wouldn't even know where to look on this machine for that. I did a standard search with no luck.

I'm instructed to install the ndisgtk package but can't without an internet connection.

I have a computer that's dead in the water as far as the internet is concerned and a gig starting monday.

Help for a layman?