mouse choppy with ubuntu 10.10

Hello all,

I just recently switched from windows vista to 64 bit ubuntu 10.10. I'm running it on a R400 thinkpad with 3GB of memory, and integrated intel graphics. I've been very happy with things except the fact that the mouse is very choppy and jumpy. If I start on one side of the screen and smoothly move to the other, the mouse will frequently pause along this track, and "catch up" to where it should be. This happens maybe 2/second. I've tried my trackpad, USB mouse, and the little red dot that lenovo loves.

Any thoughts? I used lshw to show my chipset and saw that there are two entries for the graphics card - one is showing up as UNCLAIMED. There's also a communication module UNCLAIMED.

I'm a newbie - any help'd be great. Thanks.