Ubuntu 10.10 wont install

i have windows 7, and i downloaded and burned Ubuntu on a CD. when i tried booting from CD at first nothing happens then i just get a purple screen that at the bottom has a picture of a space bar and a stick figure. i didn't get that i had to hit the space bar and so the screen went black and i got nothing. then when i hit the space bar once a bunch of things came up, but still, no matter what i press, i get a black screen, or a blue screen when i press check memory. i've already spent 6 CDs trying to get a distro of linux, but nothing is getting it done


Try to use a

Try to use a different/external CD/DVD drive for installation.

i only

I only have one CD/DVD drive. and for some reason i can't seem to get it working on a USB

Then use an usb-stick for

Then use an usb-stick for installation.

10.10 won't install

Make sure that the boot sequence in the bios starts with cd or dvd then usb then hard drive last.You can reverse usb and cd ..just make sure hd is last in the boot sequence.Hope that helps.

how do i have the hard drive

how do i have the hard drive last thing to boot, and it's not like nothing happens, the screen does go purple and i do end up getting a list if i hit the space bar, but no matter what i choose, it just goes black

bios set up

during startup= hit the key that the computer says to enter setup.once in setup CAREFULLY find boot sequence menu and you will see a list of cd rom or hdd or usb depending on your system. in help you can find out how to change the order. sometimes you highlight the item then hit + or minus to move the item up or down in the list. then save on exit . BE carefull.do not disable anything.Avoid passwording

about that, i tried

about that, i tried recovering my system because Windows 7 didn't come on my computer, i installed it later, but it kept asking for a password that doesn't exist.

No problem in Ubuntu 10.10

Please don't confuse others. I have request Ubuntu CDs from them and install it and working perfectly. I didnt face any problem.
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Poll result

See poll result 49% are very happy with 10.10 and 27% are happy.

10.10 Won't install

You may have to go to Win7 and disk Management, "activate" the partition that
Win7 makes (+- 100mb) used as administration partition. That worked for me.