Ubuntu 10.10 - Wireless Connection Problem

I have just loaded Ubuntu 10.10 onto a spare laptop alongside Windows XP Home as I am considering changeing over to Linux in good time before XP support is withdrawn at some stage. Everything is working out fine as I find my way around 10.10 with the exception that I cannot get a wireless connection to the internet. Hardwire connection is no problem and everything is as it should be but I have tried to connect using wireless, completing the procedure with MAC address of router etc but with no result. I am obviously doing something wrong (or not doing something I should) and would appreciate any help with the procedure and where to get the relevant information from as there are some terms in the connection procedure I have not come accross before. My router is a Netgear DG834G v3 and works perfectly with Windows so I am sure it is not a problem with the router.

Hope someone can assist. Rgds

Laptops & wifi

Whenever you have any hardware problems with Linux it's always good for others to know what hardware you are trying to get to work with Linux. So please can you specify at least the make and model number of your laptop. For a description of the internal components of your laptop then you need to install/run a program called "System Profiler and Benchmark" (A.K.A. "hardinfo"), it should be on your system tools menu if installed.

I had a similar problem with a Samsung V25 laptop and ended up buying a Netgear wifi adapter to plug into the USB slot in order to connect to my Netgear router.

Wireless Connection Problem

Try left clicking on your wireless network icon on the top right hand corner and selecting connect to hidden wireless network and see if your network is listed.

Also, try under , , then hardware drivers and see if you
need to enable a driver.

To determine what wireless card/chipset you have, open up a terminal and type the following:

lspci -v | less

Then, scroll to find your wireless device and note down its details. Once you know the chipset post back the results.

Re: Wireless ConnectionProblem

I had installed Ubuntu on an old ACER laptop I had (ABOUT 6 YRS) but in the end I decided to go for it on my current Netbook a Compac Mini 311c-11-1SA also running XP Home. I downloaded the Netbook version of Ubuntu onto a USB memory stick and ran it from there initially. Everything worked fine first time including the wireless connection and I even managed to connect to my HP Deskjet 3050 printer although I had to select the 2050 driver as there was none listed for the 3050. The result is that I do not have to worry about my first post but thanks for the information.

I have another query but I will enter that under another heading and include all the details of my current Netbook as per your request.


Wireless not working on ubuntu (HP G6)

I just bought a HP G6 450SA it is a 64bit brand new laptop with an Inter i3 core processor. The wireless works perfectly in windows but when in the latest version Ubuntu it doesn't recognize or connect to any wireless. It doesn't pick up any connections nor does it even recognize the fact that there is a wireless modem.

I've tried re installing Ubuntu and I even installed the elementary OS but have had no luck what so ever. the only way I've been able to connect to the internet is through a hard wire.

If anyone can help I would really appreciate it.

Thanks Sam.