Boot and Shut Down Problems

Hi All,

I have just downloaded Ubuntu Netbook Edition onto a USB Stick and run the new OS from it successfuly for a couple of days. Doing so well I decided to load Ubuntu alongside XP Home on the HDD and that is when I had a couple of problems. My Netbook is a Compaq Mini 311e-1101SA.

The first problem was when I switched on I got the GNU GRUB Version 1.98 Screen listing the following:

Ubuntu with Linux 2.6.35-24 Generic
As Above but with (recovery mode) added
Memory test (memtest 86+)
Ubuntu with Linux 2.6.35-22 Generic
As Above but with (recovery mode) added
Windows Vista (loader)
Ubuntu 10.10 (on/dev/sda5)

I don't have Vista on my netbook but if I select it my XP OS comes up and works as normal. The real problem is that sometimes (not always) when I select the first on the list (highlighted) Linux boots up but on other occasions I just get a black screen and the only thing I can do is shut down using the power key on the Netbook and try again. I never have any problem booting XP from the list.

The second problem, again not always, comes when I shut down or restart using the shut down menu at the top right of the Linux Desktop screen. I click Shut Down (or Restart), confirm when the request box appears and the screen then blacks out/goes grey with no activity light showing on the HDD indicator but the netbook then hangs up and does not switch off. I can only switch off by depressing the power switch for about 4 secs.

Neither of these problems are major, just annoying and if I can solve them I think I will be very satisfied with Linux as the element of choice and no cost is very attractive. Hope someone can offer some assistance and sorry to be so long winded but I am not very computer literate as far as tech stuff goes.


Boot and Shut Down Problems - Resolution

Further to my previous I have now resolved the situation. Whether it is the correct way to do it I don't know but it solved my problems as far as necessary. I include the following for info:

The Windows Vista problem was because I downloaded Linux on my PC which runs on Vista. No problem it works.

I resolved the startup/shut down problems by going into Windows Disc Management and deleting the partitions allocated to Linux. Then on Restart I changed the BIOS Boot order to Disc and then on Reboot selected my USB Stick I had downloaded Linux on originally. This then booted and installed and everything now appears to be working fine.

This may help someone else.