Which is better for VIDEO chat in Ubuntu 10.10 ?

Which is better for VIDEO chat in Ubuntu 10.10 - Empathy, Gtalk, or Gmail Chat...?

Or Other...?

I'm only interested in standards-based FOSS applications.


I looked into this a year or two back, when it would have been really useful, and just gave up. Essentially, anything above "chat" (i.e. using text) is suspect.
You should add Skype to you list, they have a good help file, but as I said, trying to do anything other than just text is unreliable.
You should also add Pidgin to you list of Instant Messengers because it does have new email notifications.
Now when I say "unreliable" what I mean is not that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, what I mean is that maybe your computer will have all the right bits and pieces and it will work wonderfully from the moment you install your chosen method, but maybe your computer won't have all the right bits, but maybe you are lucky enough that with a simple Synaptic download it will all be fixed, but maybe you won't be that lucky as well, and then you will spend "a bit of time" Googling for ideas on how to fix it.
Years ago I read that you should use whatever your friends are using, which does make sense, so find out what your friends using, and find out if they have alternative methods as well.
At the end of the day, a lot depends on your own computer's age and hardware, so you just have to try things out to see.
Sorry to be so depressing, but it is better to be honest and tell it like is.