A beginner needs ALL the info in connecting, installing, and ???????? wired or wireless Lan on 10.10

Please Pardon me if this is not the right area for this question, but computer people assume everyone already knows how to use these forums and no real guides are available. Still, I was chewed out ABSOLUTELY royally for doing something incorrect on one a month ago--no not here. I seldom use them as I rarely need assistance, but my booklet on the Cisco wired and wireless equipment is incomprehensible the way it is written and presented.

So, if you will please pardon a newcomer, but I need to figure out how to install either a wired or wireless LAN between two computers running Ubuntu 10.10 and share files and a 10 MB DSL broadband connection. I have worked at this for a month and achieved only frustration.

The problem is that everyone who assists assumes I understand things like IPCONFIG and Mac address, cards, WAP2 or something compared to a WEN ??? or something like that. But I don't know what it is they mean and they can't seem to tell me either. So I'm lost. It seems to be knowledge by word of mouth as i cannot find a single book or site that does NOT use one uncommon technical term to define another, obviously defeating their purpose and frustrating the hell out of me. . .

I can go with wired or wireless. I picked up both from a storage unit i purchased. So, please, can someone assist? I'm a Ph.D so I am not dumb, i just need to know where to hook up wires, what to plug in, how to configure what and where, and so on. Use my email address cojon $$$aaattt&&&& suddenlink.net (replace the $$$aaattt&&& with @ please--I'm avoiding bots, but who knows the current capabilities) if you feel this too lengthy here. I can provide my free VOIP Skype connection if you think that would be easier. I'm very computer knowledgeable, but have never, not ever, looked into LAN issues, so I'm simply ignorant. I'm certain i could go through it quickly with some knowledgeable assistance and not tie up your time.

Thanks very much.