How do I get my Home Directory and contents back under Places in Main Menu in panel?

I was trying to get gxine to play music from my Music Folder in my Home Directory. Somehow I merged the two: gxine and Home Folder with all its contents. Each time I clicked on Home Folder in the panel or any of the content folders I got gxine. I uninstalled gxine (and gxineplugin was also automatically uninstalled). Now if I clicked on Home Folder I got the dialogue box: could not open location 'file:///home/dayton32' Failed to execute child process "/usr/bin/gxine" (No such file in directory) I tried to reinstall gxineplugin but couldn't. The terminal told me I was having trouble with gxine because it had a bug and that should use gdb, but as a newbie, I am just not confident to go there yet. I would like to get my Home Folder back to its rightful place under Places, and I can later deal with a bug in gxine. I can still get to my Home Folder by way of an icon on my desktop or any of the icons of browser management applications. Any help will be appreciated.

Places opens up gxine. Got Home Directory back.

Thanks to fooman and hophead 929 in Ubuntu Forum, 1 November 2008. I followed the instructions:

go to places > computer

in the left hand column, click on your user name, then in the right hand side, right-click on "desktop"...choose "properties" from the menu. in the properties box, click the "open with" tab.

make sure "open folder" is selected. close the box and see if thats the fix.

EXCEPT: When I right clicked, I went directly to Open With. There was no Open Folder in the menu. So I went to Open with other application. In the menu that came up I chose according to the instructions: Open Folder. Closed and voila my Home Directory with all its contents was back unmder Places. Thanks fooman and hophead 929.Ubuntu Forum November 1, 2008.