adobe flash player

hi i'm new user for this OS...
i already install adobe flash player at my computer but i have little problem..
why when i open a site with support for this program, it's really slow... :'(
is there any suggest for my problem????

Adobe FP

There is no problem with Adobe in my environment.
Please provide following info: Ubi release and architecture, browser name and site url

Two lots of flash

It sounds to me as though you have two lots of flash programs running. Had you tried Firefox / Flash before you installed Adobe Flash Player? Ubuntu (and most of the other Linux distributions for people like us) comes pretty much complete for most beginners like us, so a flash player is most likely included. On the basis that your computer worked fine before you installed Adobe Flash Player, and that was the last thing you did was to install it, then logic is that if you remove it (or else remove the other version of player (I think I removed the "other version")) then the computer should be fine again (note the "should be"!).
Below are some Flash Player test sites: