hi there i tried to install linux on my windows xp ,it installed but with problems it will not work and i cannot reinstall as for some reason it says that i have to remove the old version but i cannot uninstall it and as i have windows xp pro also on it i cannot do it ,i have reinstalled windows in the hope that it would delete ubuntu but it did not work. can anyone help i think it was ubuntu 10.4 and the disc cannot be faulty as someone installed it fine on their computer
but it would not work with mine, it is an ibm laptop which was my daughters but i have it now as a spare laptop.

Can you boot into Windows?

First off, I am sorry that this did not work out for you and that you now have to go to the trouble of removing Ubuntu.

I would like to know if you can still get into Windows and how you installed Ubuntu. Did you install it from inside Windows (possible) or did you boot from the CD and install that way?

If it is the first way then you remove Ubuntu using the Windows control panel, Add and Remove Programs. If it is the second way then you can boot the Ubuntu CD and then you can remove Ubuntu by formatting over the partition or deleting it, using the Partition Editor in, System, Adminstration of the menu. The Ubuntu partition will be ext4 and your Windows partition will be NTFS. Do not format over the NTFS. Format the ext4 partition to NTFS or delete the partition and resize the Windows partition (larger) using the unallocated space. If you want to try to re-install Ubuntu you should be able to do that as well.

I am thinking that you installed Ubuntu with WUBI inside Windows (first option) and it is simple matter to remove it. I have installed Ubuntu over other versions for years and it has never given me the warning to remove the other one first.

Good luck!

I can get windows working i

I can get windows working i even tried what you suggested about the add and remove but it does not show as being there, and it is hard to uninstall something that does not show that it is there yet when we put the laptop on it gives a choice as to which system we want to use but it says that it failed and there is a fatal error if i try to use linux. my son is at secondary school and he is said to be gifted and talented in ict but he could not do anything with it either yet he installed it on his old laptop,now he has windows 7