"corrupt low memory" Issue. New guy in desperate need of help!

Alright,here's the deal. I'm new to Ubuntu, and furthermore, I'm 15. I've been working with computers (Windows, mostly) nearly all my life. But this damned Ubuntu just won't cut me any slack!
I installed it with Wubi. Worked great. Updated 2 drivers (My Broadcom Wireless and the driver for my ATI Mobility Radeon Card). I did the system update thing which took all night to download (Around 270 files) and when I tried to log in this morning, Oh look, I go right to a black Dos-like command screen, asking me to log in.
Welcome to Ubuntu! etc,
password:(if I entered a username)
If I didn't type anything, the corrupt low memory line shows up. Then it asks me to log in.
I log in, and I come to a command prompt.
$eric or something like that.
I try "reboot", doesn't recognize the command. So I hard-boot the thing.
I come to the GRUB loader, and try the Recovery mode.
Used fix package, and It told me that it downloaded 0 files and fixed 0 packages.
So I reboot.
Grub, yadda yadda, Recovery mode.
Failsafe graphics.
It works. It's what I'm using at the moment.
Nothing seems to have changed. Wireless works, GUI works,
Java works, I... don't seem to have Flash yet. I'll download that in a bit.

But as for now, how on God's holy earth do I fix this incredibly annoying issue?
Using Pavilion dv6, dual boot with windows 7. Core i3. around 4 gigs of ram, 500 gig hard drive.

What do?

UPDATE: Flash works great. Views intense flashes (Graphics heavy) with ease. Expected for my video card. Hooked up to RGB monitor and added external keyboard. All work fine.

Done well.

You have done well to have got yourself going without a keyboard or the display working.
I am wondering what version of Ubuntu you actually downloaded.