Ubuntu 10.04 mouse pointer frozen

Simply put;
Mouse pointer is frozen in Ubuntu 10.04 installation.
Kant use it at anytime!
May have happened after update failure to complete due to lockup/restart when both keyboard and mouse had stopped responding. Only mouse not working on 10.04 install now.
Also happened on a 10.10 Ubuntu install also same/similar circumstances about the same time.

Both installs are same box and peripherals but on different hard drives.
The 10.10 mouse and keyboard are working now and keyboard of 10.04 install is working now after running the following commands and text based and gui based fix options in synaptic and maybe a few more I forgot about.
apt-get update
aptitude update
apt-get upgrade
aptitude upgrade
aptitude gtkorphan
aptitude -f
apt-get install -f
dpkg – configure -a

I'm barely command line literate and do not understand most of the underpinnings of Linux.
Thanx if you can send guidance.
I want to know how to get the mouse working or unfrozen on the 10.04 installation. Feel free to be non cryptic as that is one of the things that prevents me from learning Linux I believe. I've got dementia from Brain damage surgery etc.... and apologize for being a drain...on anyone.
Additional info. again, same mouse both installs one works other doesn't; same video card and same settings. Mouse is an Aopen multi~button dual wheel but configured by installation recommendations only.

Ubuntu 10.04 mouse pointer frozen UPDATE

I muddled/stumbled my way through an fsck command and got the mouse functioning but lost the sound and sound adjustment icon in top panel. Any suggestions on how to get the sound back?

Ubuntu 10.04 mouse pointer frozen"nuthuh update"

The next day I went to use the installation and mouse was frozen again. Haven't had time to remember and look up fsck commands to try to fix again. Anyone have any idears for fixing the mouse freeze?
Wonder if I could have a motherboard in near late stages of life? It's had 8 bulging capacitors for 4 years or more and is right at 10YsOld. Tho mouse doesn't have this much problem on a 10.10 install same box different drive?

RE: Ubuntu 10.04 Mouse Pointer Frozen


If I understand you correctly, you installed Ubuntu 10.10 successfully on one hard disk, and installed Ubuntu 10.04 on a second disk on the same computer, and the mouse is frozen only on the 10.04.

What is puzzling, and possibly why you are getting no response is, the console commands you mentioned that you tried don't have any obvious relevance to the problem you are trying to solve. Have you tried checking settings in Applications > System Tools > Configuration Editor (command: gconf-editor) or System > Preferences > Mouse (command: gnome-mouse-properties)? These are installed by default, I believe, in both versions of Ubuntu.

I recently switched to a fairly new model laptop, so my circumstances are quite a bit different from yours, which in addition has what may be a specialty pointer device (I never heard of a dual-wheel device before,) but I have found mouse settings in both the applications I mentioned above, and they do appear redundant -- changing the setting in one does not affect the other, and I've had to turn OFF my touchpad in both to disable the touchpad so I could use my mouse without interference.

It's possible you merely need to fix a mouse setting somewhere. On the other hand, if this is related to a boot issue or a 10-year-old motherboard issue, troubleshooting this problem might be hard to do, and asking a geek to personally look at your system may be the best alternative.

Good luck!

Frozen Mouse Pointer - this works for me...

I encountered this a lot in 10.04.

Try this - On your first reboot after the initial install, immediately go to preferences, and set visual effects to NONE.

This works for me.

Mouse curser freezes in Ubuntu 10.04

I'm not sure of the level of your experience, so I will address this as if this is your first foray in Linux.

This always works for me.

- Press Ctrl-Alt-t, or go to Applications - Accessories - Terminal
- A terminal will appear
- Type "sudo rmmod psmouse" without parenthesis
- Hit Enter
- It will ask for your password. Type in your login password.
- Hit Enter
- Type "sudo modprobe psmouse" without parenthesis
- Hit Enter

You should now have full functionality of your mouse, as well as your keyboard. Good luck and Viva la Linux.

Mouse curser freezes in Ubuntu 10.04 tried your suggestion

Thanx, Ubuntux is not notifying me of replies; sorry. First off I just reinstalled over the 10.04 that I was asking about because it had no data worthwhile and I did not know of your reply.

I've got a little condition called dementia, so they say, and that effects how and how fast I get things done. However it has happened to one of my 10.10 installs today on which I tried:
Ever tried to build and maintain computers with dementia? I think it keeps me from getting worse faster.

I stumbled on some porno and the hard drive went crazy while I was exiting the screens. I rebooted several times that day and all worked fine but overnight it lost something and mouse is frozen in middle of screen...

I tried: on that 10.10 drive
"sudo rmmod psmouse" in terminal and it replied:
"error: module does not exist in /proc/modules"
My motherboard is aging and has over a half dozen bulging caps, looses the bios settings 20% of the time on boot but this was from the start about 10 years ago. Sometimes drives are seen but won't boot. Sometimes not seen nor boot. I've been swapping between by switching cables.
sometimes I think power is flaky or cables flaky sometimes In get cables one on one drive and other on other drive. Dementia is wicked...
Do you suppose the module not being found is a drive or controller going? Occasionally I boot to windows and the other day it rebooted 'Doze' 4 times in a 15 minute effort to use the scanner.
Got a Brother mfc that I ain't figgered out how to git woiking in Ubuntu since 8.04.
I think this 10.10 drive had the mouse and keyboard go out before but came back with what I tried in post. I also tried running a recovery on this holding shift down after bios posts to get the recovery menu but would bypass it and boot to hard drive. Hope you can help and thanx.