WPA/WPA2 disconnecting from specific connection

Hello. I'm currently having ubuntu 10.10, which works fine, except that on one specific connection at my school, it's disconnecting all the time. About 5-6 times each hour. It depends on how long it takes for it to reconnect, from 3 seconds to 2 minutes. I also have a connection at home, which works without problems. I've had a talk with the network administrator, but he doesn't have a solution, although he tried to figure it out. Some of my classmates are currently using fedora, and that's no problems at all. So it's only ubuntu, and only on this connection. The connection is called eduroam, which is a connection used at several university's around Norway.

I'm currently using:
- WPA & WPA2 Enterprise
- CA certificate GTE_CyberTrust_Global_Root
- Inner auth: MSCHAPv2

To be honest I don't have high expectations, but I figure I'd give it a shot :) Tips and tricks is highly appreciated!