can't boot to CD for test drive ubuntu 10.10

Try ing to boot to CD but get fatal error and boot hangs on ubuntu splash screen.

My gaoal is to install ubuntu to a seperate disk drive on system I built about 2 1/2 years ago.

The system currently consists of:

windows xp media


2 SATA drives configured in STRIPE Mode.

1 sli graphics card

MSI DIAMOND mother board

AMD duo core chip (4400)

The 3rd hard drive is 500 GB ( not yet installed) It is to be independent of windows ).

I dowloaded the 64 bit version of ubuntu 10.10, but boot to the CD fails.( FATAL ERROR)

After the test drive I was going to install the New HD and Then UBUNTU on that.


try booting with usb. worked

try booting with usb. worked for me.

i had no luck with that, may

i had no luck with that, may need to flash the board.

You can try burning at a

You can try burning at a lower speed unless you are sure the disk or ISO image is not the problem.

Once you are sure that you have a good disk and it still hangs you can try some boot parameters from grub. Most of these are accessible by pressing F4.


You can also manually add your own following this guide:

To see a list of boot parameters:

I can't say what your problem is or even whether Ubuntu is the best distro for your hardware. These things can be hard to diagnose and fix. Thanks for all of the hardware info. It may be helpful to someone who has the same equipment to see and point you in the right direction.

Good luck!


On my desktop (assus PQsomething Plus) I had problems with some cds of linux, some worked

follow up

I think it has something to do with a fake RAID. There is a work around but I was not sure what to do so I abanded it. Do you know which Distro's worked.