Can never get 'installation completed"

Hi Guys,

I am totally new to Linux, but after a recent hard drive failure, decided to give it a go.
All my experience has been windows based, and I am beginning to feel like I will never get this thing installed! aargh!

I get to the part where it says "Detecting File Systems"... and it just hangs.

I have left it for hours and I never seem to get the installation completed message.

What am I doing wrong ?

I downloaded the ISO image and created a bootable disk (atleast I hope I did).

However when it boots, it takes me to a screen that gives methe option to boot between Unetbootin or Windows 2000.

I select Unetbootin and then star the Install Ubuntu option.

I enter the dteails and itjust stays stuck... the orange bar never gets to the end. Most diasppointing!

Can someone give me some clues on what I'm missing ?

Can never get 'installation completed

I had a similar problem, I found a bad spot on my disk, got it fixed and 10.10 installed fine.. In another case, I could not install 10.10 as a dual boot with Win 7, I found I had to go to the 'Manager' in Win7 and
"Activate" the 100mb partition, that Win7 makes, then it installed correctly.