Install of 11.04 won't work

CD install of 11.04 - read error on burnt CDs when installing

I am running Lucid (10.04) 64 bit. I wanted to try 11.04 in a separate partition so I downloaded it and burnt a CD. It boots up OK but when I do the install, I get a read error on the CD.

I booted up my current ubuntu and did a read test on the entire CD with no errors. Tried the install again and same error. This time i re-downloaded it and burnt another CD.

I get the same error with the new CD even though I can read the entire CD with no errors.

I'm stuck....

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Several things might come into play here:
1. Did you manually check ISO number the sight gives you against the number the burned cd gives you? If the numbers don't match zactly then all the image info isn't there or corrupted.

2. Sometimes cds/dvds are inferior or defective try different known reliable brands.

3. sometimes cd/dvd burners malfunction if defective or going that way... I own several of them... They work ok for everything but reading and writing ISO images reliably..

4. power fluctuations can effect how things work too. This might be psu and less likely cpu and ram. I take it it is a newer with faster cpu and enough ram?

5. There are two ways to begin install:
before desktop appears you can choose install and from desktop also. Have you tried it both ways? I'm not a 64 bit user tho I do recall reading some people having more problems with 64.

6. You might try ordering the cd/dvd from the Distro... usually S&H only or small charge some distros...

Thatz all I kan think to try...someone else may chime in and contribute more...