Is being able to spell English words and use it grammatically correct a requiremnent to learning Linux?

I can spell and usually use proper grammer if I'm not rushed but I'm having trouble learning Linux. I see a number of people who seem to be in the know of Linux but their spelling and grammar offends me to the point that I feel I have to write this.
Whatup with this using "then" for "than" and visa versa in a sentence? Sheesh


Science and English

Dear Sweetwater, While it is commendable that you desire to instil good English upon others, the simple fact is not everyone has English as good as yours. Everyone believes there is a future that is better than what the world is like now, and one way of showing that is by putting time and effort into helping others. Would you want to be the person that turns away an Einstein offering help because their English isn't perfect, or would you welcome the contribution they can make?
There are tens of thousands of people who have English as a second language and have made valuable contributions to Linux. I have a friend who was lamenting that it was Autumn and she felt depressed, so I told her it was at this time of the year that God gets his paint palette out. The approach you are taking is letting the beauty of human intelligence slip from your grasp. Why not take a different approach and try to gleen some of that joy and hope they have for the future and would love for you to have?
If you were organising a conference on Ubuntu and someone said Linus Torvalds and Mark Shuttleworth wanted to speak, would you turn them down because you don't like the way they spoke? NO WAY! You would change the itinerary to suit them and then reserve for yourself a front row seat!
Looking at the bigger picture, there are mothers and fathers out there who know less about computing than you do, but they know a thousand times more about bringing up children than you, and that is by far one of the most important activities a human does.
Lastly, get rid of "Whatup" and "Sheesh", they don't do you any credit in this forum.
Blessings, Stephen.


...we haz spel cheqerz and gremmer cheqkerz for those who may be challenged yet they go unused...whutt~uthuh mistaqz might they be making with the code if they can't get then and than correct? Wonder if the documentation
is cryptic hard because of this also?
The tools exist to get it right pretty much effortlessly...If English were second to me I'd be using the checkers to help hone my understanding. I've had the right 1/2 of my brain damaged beyond use and I use the checkers from time to time.
To the non Linux user and user alike it just has a poor reflection on quality. First and continued impressions. Lazy comes to my mind!