could you help me out in using linux basics as well as ubuntu

Hi all,
i do not have any idea on linux or ubuntu.let me know how to start learning linux

thanks in advance


Way to start

Well best way to start exploring Ubuntu and Linux is to install it on some machíne. Download live CD from and boot it up. There are all the instructions. Then go by applications and try to use them. There is pretty much all of the functionality you would need to work with documents, searching the web or watch videos. I would recommend to install Ubuntu Tweak from It make it easier to adjust some software sources or even to move your buttons on window back to the right side, if you like. Then you may use some photo editor - I like Google Picasa and Gimp. Further on, you should search the net for advices Im always getting hand from the community. You will probably have more specific questions at this point. Have fun with Linux as much as I do.