can't get 11.04 to start

hey guys,
I am a total noob at using linux so please forgive my ignorance. I made a live cd of ubuntu 11.04 using bit torrent and infra recorder. After booting to the cd, a screen that says "Ubuntu" in large orange letters appears with options such as install ubuntu, try ubuntu, test memory, etc.... When i click on the option to either try ubuntu or install ubuntu, i can hear the cd drive spin for a moment, then it stops and nothing happens. I would just like to know if there is a step I am missing, and i appreciate any help or advice you guys can give me. thanks!

I have a dell d610 laptop with i believe 500 mb of ram. currently i am running windows xp 32 bit with ntfs.

can't get 11.04 to start reply

Have you Googled any help pages for this or tried searching Ubuntu site for help?
They may help it gel for you...
Did you check to see if the file that you burned had the same Md5Sum#?
Did you check the cd for defects ~ during boot process or first screens I think. sorry I have dementia and can't recall a lot of detail without going through the procedure. And some times I can't repeat the procedure until later after prolonged rest.
CD may be imperfect or corrupted.
CD drive my have problems...reading and writing.
One of mine did... sometimes I could read/install and others not. If you have more details and experiences it may help. Only time I had problems with installing was with bad drive or bad cd. Motherboard failure in the drive controllers etc. may be also. You ought to know more than myself about how you computer is functioning. Hope this helps... keep trying maybe with cd burned from other machine of one ordered. You can do pc memory checks with the cd too. If ya let us guys know what you've tried...etc.. already it helps us to be able to help better... later SW