11.04 misbehaving after fsck and dpkg all the time

I have two Ubuntu 11.04 installs each on it's own physical hard drive. One of them fails to automatically load xserver upon clicking the resume lettering following doing an fsck and dpkg during boot. Explanation of what I'm doing:
I hold down shift during boot after post to get to a menu that lets me run these items before I boot to repsir snd update/upgrade.
as a consequence after the testing and repair/ restore is done and I click resume I get this message" {instead of a desktop which the other installation affords me following the same procedures.} ["X:user not authorized to run xserver,aborting."]
Then I have to ctrl alt del/reboot to get a desktop gui.
The other disk installation while able to give me a desktop after clicking resume will not automatically shut down the cpu when system is told to shut down. The first mentioned install will auto shut down the cpu tho.
ACPI comes to mind but this situation has got me baffled. Thanx if the there is any help to be had.
I'm a bunch command line challenged because of dementia. I can do simple things easy especially with prompting. GUI provided prompting most of the time. I can't hold onto thoughts while trying to organize and do something. Hope this wasn't too jumbled:)
I can copy and paste commands in terminal and can use sudo most of the time. I still get confuse with that one periodically. thanx agin SW