Oversized windows

Hello everybody. First time here and a complete Linux newbie since a couple of months ago, but I'm learning fast.

Ubuntu 64 bit, i7 processor, 6GB RAM, 2 hard drives, Linux only, not dual boot.

Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere. I'm quite impressed with Linux so far, and won't be going back to $eattle $pyware, but there's this one problem that's driving me nuts and I have yet to find an answer.

Due to failing sight, I use a screen resolution of 800x600, but in my experience MOST windows in Linux are larger than this, in one or both directions, can't be made smaller and often lack scroll bars, as with the Evolution preferences screen for example.

I had hoped this problem would be solved by the upgrade to 11.04, but if anything it's even worse.

I've tried Compiz, but even that's too big (and doesn't seem to work), and it, like some other apps, often jumps all over the screen whenever I click anywhere on it. I've switched back to the Classic desktop, partly because I find it easier to use, and partly so I can use "Force Quit" to close Compiz when the controls are off the screen and can't be brought back.

Is there any way I can enable window resizing, or scroll bars at the very least, for ALL applications? At present I have to keep switching to a higher resolution in order to make the whole window visible, and then I have trouble reading the text. Even Evolution is wider than the screen.

I'm not afraid of the terminal, having used DOS in the distant past, but please try to keep it simple.

Oversized Windows

Cannot help with the resize but on an oversized window where the OK button or exit button cannot be seen. Press Alt 7 then with the arrow keys you can move that window around to view the exit button

Oversized windows

Thank you edelsteen. That worked. I'd still like to find a way of forcing all windows to fit on the screen, but at least now I can close them properly.

Jumping windows

Just to emphasize a point I've already made, as well as the size problem, I've got applications jumping to a different position when I try to click on them. For example, I'm trying to use K9 to convert a DVD to MP4, or to .avi as it seems to insist, but when I try to select the track to rip, the screen moves, so the box never gets ticked, and I'm still having to use Force Quit to close it because it's impossible to click on the Close button (top left) because the whole thing moves every time I click the mouse.

I've tried DVD::rip, but it just doesn't work. I believe I've got all the necessary codecs, and I can play DVDs without problems.

I like Linux. It makes so many things so much easier, but I never had these problems with "the other operating system". Linux still needs work if it's ever going to take over.


Try Netbookedition of Ubuntu - ok, the newer Version of Ubuntu doesn't offer this anymore, but you can try to install netbooklauncher, maximus, etc. to get usefull tools for little Display.


I don't quite understand that, imoves61. I'm learning fast, but still a newbie. Sorry.

In case you've misunderstood, I've got a nice big monitor, about 19 inches (48cm) wide, but have to use a resolution of 800x600 because my old eyes don't work as well as they once did.

The problems I've got are

1 - Windows that can't be resized. Often I get the resize arrows, but they just don't work. Edelsteen helped by telling me how I can move the oversized windows by holding Alt and 7, but I'd really like to be able to set the window size myself - or have Ubuntu do it properly.

2 - Windows that jump about when I click the mouse. I try to click on something, and it moves away. Sometimes closing the application and trying again will solve this one, but not always, and it's a pain having to keep doing that anyway. This didn't happen with Ubuntu 10.10. It's only since the upgrade to 11.04.

I'd rather NOT have to go for a clean reinstall of 10.10. If this is an upgrade, it's certainly not an improvement.

It's unlikely to be the hardware because I paid nearly £2,000 (that's GBP) just a few months ago for a purpose-built (desktop) machine (sorry - don't mean to boast).

More on jumping windows

Sorry. I seem to be creating my own thread.

I've done some Googling and it seems I'm not the only one with the jumping window problem.


I tried registering with that forum yesterday, but never received the e-mail, so wasn't able to complete the registration process.

Should I get rid of Compiz?

I'm getting desperate here. Nearly two thousand quid's worth of computer rendered barely usable by what was supposed to be an "upgrade". I'll be more cautious in future.


Looks like we newbies are the only ones here, but in case anyone's interested, I've solved the jumping window problem by ditching the slippery Narwhal (11.04) and replacing it with a nice cuddly Meerkat (10.10).

In plain English, I've reinstalled Ubuntu 10.10, which leaves only the oversized window problem. Perhaps one day I'll find the answer to that, but I'm not holding my breath. I'll just have to learn to live with it.