Startup problem after installing ubuntu 10.04

Hi all,

i am using dell inspiron 1545 laptop with intel C2D, RAM 3 GB. i have installed ubuntu 10.04 lypid lynx (LTS) using live CD. after this i upgraded the operating system using the update manager.

i had restarted the system after update. the system hangs at the login screen. the system does not respond. the mouse also does not work. when i run the recovery mode the system hangs at different startup screen.

i have used fedora 12 recovery mode to get back the essential data from ubuntu.
Please tell how to solve this problem without making use of any other o.s. ?

Thanks in advance,


This is due to Kernel Update, use Ubuntu 11.04. But I'm using same Laptop and when I was using 10.04 I never face such problem.